Modular Line

Carmex is introducing a new line of turning adaptors and boring bars for internal applications of threading and grooving. The tools of the product line can be used in a large range of turning and multi-task machines, and are especially suited for deep threads that require a high overghang with maximum rigidity.
ML boring bars and adaptors are designed with an internal, high-pressure, coolant (up to 120 Bar), which reduces the cutting edge temperature, and improves tool life through superior chip evacuation (can also be used with standard coolant pressure).
  • Highly accurate turning ML adaptors provide full flexibility and easy adjustment
  • Full repeatability
  • A single boring bar fits multiple ML adaptors
  • Reduces tool inventories
  • ML adaptors support all standard Carmex thread turning inserts (sized 16/22/27 mm). Additionally, size 16 mm grooving inserts fit the MLR/L 16-32 and MLR/L 16-40 adaptors.
  • The adaptors are coated with a highly abrasion-resistant nickel layer, in order to prolong their tool life.
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