Mill Thread Solid Carbide

Mill Thread Solid Carbide tools advantages:
  • Thread is generated in one pass.
  • Spiral flutes allow smooth cutting action.
  • Shorter machining time due to multi, 3 to 6, flutes.2.2 mm and up cutting diameter.
  • Threads up to shoulder in blind holes. 

  • Longer tool life due to special multi-layer coating.
  • Same tool can be used for a variety of materials.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Low cutting pressure allows thin wall machining.
  • Same tool used for R.H. and L.H. threads.
    Carbide grade: MT7
    • Sub-micron grade with Titanium Aluminium Nitride multi-layer coating (ISO K10-K20).
    • To be run at medium to high cutting speeds.
    • General purpose for all materials.
  • Thread Mills with Internal Coolant Bore (MTB):
    • Coolant fluid washes the chips out of hole
    • Increased tool life
    Thread Mills with internal coolant through the flutes (MTZ):
    those unique thread mills enable the coolant fluid stream to reach efficienatly the cutting edge, for smooth cutting operation.Its advantages are:
    • Especialy designed for threading on "through holes".
    • Direct chip removal.
    • Optimal for machines without external coolant.
    Solid - Carbide threads mills with internal coolant bore that includes specific cutting  length and relieved neck.
    • To perform medium and large threads on relatively deep work pieces.
    • Reduce cycle time by using higher cutting speeds and feeds. 
    • To use over hang according to the application.
    • To perform deep threads at the bottom of the application 
    • Provides high rigidity and stability (anti-vibrations) 
    • To accomplish deep threads in one pass. 
    • Relatively low cutting forces due to short cutting length which enables reduction of the radial in feed required.
    • Internal coolant for effective chip removal.
    • Spiral flutes allow smooth cutting action and shorter machining time.
    • Threads length up to 3D

    Carmex has designed a unique line of solid carbide thread milling tools FMT for increased productivity and high performance. 
    Large number of flutes enables to acheive significant shorter machining time. 
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